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Saturday September 8, 2018

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Not sure how to make a float for the big parade? This Parade Book might help!

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Other news and upcoming 375th events:

Wenham's 375th Anniversary Committee participated in this year's Art Grows Here - a 10 day outdoor tour of art throughout Hamilton and Wenham - July 13-22, 2018.  Our "Happy Birthday Wenham" display was located on the lawn of Wenham Town Hall. The exhibit included all entries from the "Happy Birthday Wenham" art contest, featuring the winning entry by Sylvia Coleman. The "375th" numbers defining the exhibit was painted by the historic Essex Green, and was made by resident Paul Mendonca. 


Wenham Museum Summer Fair - Saturday, August 25th / 10 AM - 3 PM
Look for our booth on the lawn!  We will be selling our merchandise as well as notecards of Wenham.  Funds raised will go to support the parade and community day on September 8th.  Please note:  we are only able to accept cash or checks.

        T-Shirt Design by Sadie Gamber

375 Merchandise Featuring the design shown above! 

T-shirts, Sweatshirts, Notepads, Hats and Tote Bags are for sale at the

Town Clerk's office. Prices are here.


Knowing Our Roots:  Reflections On Our Town

Thank you to everyone who attended our Knowing Our Roots event. Additionally, we would also like to thank Ann Page, the Hamilton-Wenham Regional High School US History Students, Bob Hicks for assisting in putting the program together, the Wenham citizens who were interviewed, and the Hamilton-Wenham Public Library  It took many hands working on this program and all of the hard work paid off in making this memorable event.

We hope to continue this event annually to continue the preservation of Wenham town history.

Historic Talk and Tour at Gordon about Princemere 

Thank you to Professor David Gross of Gordon College for his tour and hospitality.  The program was enjoyed by many.

Follow along with us through what life was like in Wenham during the World War II era through bi-monthly articles 
on our 375th Anniversary History Pages by committee member Bob Hicks.  


Committee Members**:
Kirsten Alexander, Vice-Chair
Dianne Bucco
Gary Cheeseman
Harriet Davis, Treasurer
Bob Hicks
Diana Lang
Barbara Locke
Kristin Noon
Althea Cranton
Trudy Reid, Chair

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Contact the 375th Anniversary Committee at or 978-468-5520 x. 4 for questions and accomodations at our 375th Anniversary events.

Meeting Dates: 4:30 PM at Wenham Town Hall
Thursday, August 9 
Thursday, August 23
Thursday, September 6
 If you would like to get involved in our final preparations, please feel free to attend one or more of the meetings.