The Wenham Cemetery Commission is charged with maintaining the order and cleanliness of the town’s historic burying grounds. There are 3 historic
cemeteries in Wenham. All veterans graves in all town cemeteries will be
properly marked and maintained with an American flag.  The Cemetery
Commission is responsible for developing and maintaining a research file for
each historic cemetery including history, land survey info, those interred and
living descendants. The commission is also charged with overseeing and
maintaining records of contemporary burials in historic cemeteries allowed by
law for proven descendants or those given permission by living descendants.  
The Cemetery Commission currently consists of two (2) elected members and one appointed (1) member.

Commission Members:

Gary Cheeseman, Chair (Appointed through 2021)
Harriet Davis (Elected through 2019)
Dana Bagnell (Appointed through 2020)


Sheila Bouvier
978-468-5520 Ext. 6

Wenham Town Hall
2nd Floor
Monday - Thursday 9am-4:30pm
Friday 9am-1pm

The Cemetery Commission holds regular public meetings each month at the Town Hall in the 2nd floor conference room, as published on the town's website calendar.