The HWCAM Advisory Board is charged with recommending policy, monitoring on-going operation of the cable system and local cable studio, and assuring that the licensee is responsive to the needs of the towns' citizens. The board consists of three members from Hamilton and three members from Wenham, appointed by their respective Boards of Selectmen.  A seventh member is put forth by the School Committee. 

HWCAM Board of Directors:
Brian Doser, Presidient - Wenham (2019)
Tom Rogers, Vice-President - Hamilton (2021)
Bob Gray, Treasurer - Hamilton (2020)
Ann Minois - Hamilton (2019)
Kevan Sano - HWRSD (2021)

To reach the HWCAM Executive Director contact:

Bill Melville

There are currently 2 openings on the HWCAM Advisory Board for Wenham residents.  If you would like to volunteer for this committee, please submit a letter of interest addressed to the Board of Selectmen at Wenham Town Hall, 138 Main Street, Wenham, MA, 01984 or via email to Nicci Roebuck, Executive Assistant to the Town Administrator