Veterans Memorial Dedication                                                                                             November 11, 2014


The Town of Wenham held a dedication ceremony to celebrate a new veterans memorial at 12:00PM on Tuesday November 11, 2014 at the “Car Barn Lot” in government center (across from Town Hall) 138 Main Street, Wenham Massachusetts.  This major event was sponsored by the Veterans Memorial Committee.  In attendance at the dedication ceremony State Senator Bruce Tarr, State Representative Brad Hill, and Wenham Board of Selectmen, the Wenham Town Administrator, and a vast array of donors, supporters and various contributing Town Officials.   Captain Joyce Massello, of the Air Force Retired Reserves along with Mr. Ryan Lennon, Director of Veterans Services for the Eastern Essex District Department of Veterans Services served as keynote speakers.

Bruce D. Blanchard and Peter Hersee, Co-Chairs of the Veterans Memorial Committee stated: “We are proud and honored by the significant outpouring of financial and moral support for this Veterans Memorial that commemorates our veterans over five eras in our nation’s history.  The Veterans Memorial Committee dedicated itself to this noble effort and now, we have attained our major goal—A Veterans Memorial that accentuates the following: 1. Honorable service during the periods of war, including World War I, World War II, Korea and Vietnam, and 2. Veterans who lived in Wenham at the time they entered service.  Provisions for future conflicts are also included. This is one of the finest Veterans Memorials in the region”.

In 2013, the Wenham Veterans Memorial Committee made great strides in finalizing plans for the Veterans Memorial, developing and refining details for bid specifications, continuing to fundraise and providing leadership for the entire project.  Shortly thereafter, construction of the Veterans Memorial began in the spring of 2014.

In addition, the Wenham Veterans Memorial Committee applied for and received State grants totaling $15,000 from the Massachusetts Department of Veterans Services.  These funds along with private fundraising helped finish Phase I. of the Wenham Veterans Memorial.  

The committee officially disbanded in November 2017.  The Town wishes to thank the following member of the commitee for their hard work and dedication in seeing this project through to completion. 

Bruce Blanchard - Co-Chair
Peter Hersee - Co-Chair
Robert Blanchard
Albert Dodge deceased
Win Dodge
Stephen Kavanaugh
Dean Pedersen
John Perkins
Thomas Tanous
Howard Morong deceased
William Tyack