The Wenham Department of Public Works annual leaf collection will begin November 13, 2018 with one to two passes of loose leaf collection followed by a bagged leaf collection in December, if needed. 

The DPW makes every effort to pass through each street twice, but due to the uncertainty of the weather this time of year, it is not always possible.  Weekly status updates will be posted here in the News Feed.

Please use caution when moving loose leaves to the curb for pick-up and refrain from blowing leaves in to the road which can be hazardous to motorists. 

Loose leaf collection will occur in the following order: 

  • West side of town, Maple Street at the Danvers Town Line and continue down Maple picking up the side streets, i.e. Birch, Burley, Puritan, Mayflower etc. 
  • At Topsfield Road, the DPW will head easterly, picking up all side streets and then westerly to the Hilltop Road/Burnham Road area.
  • The DPW will continue to Cedar Street, then Cherry Street and all side streets off Cherry to Route 1A. 
  • The department will then jump to the easterly side of town at Grapevine and the Beverly line.  From there, the DPW will head westerly down Grapevine Road, picking up all side streets. 
  • The DPW will continue on to Dodges Row, Walnut Street and Larch Row to Route 1A, then Fairview, Patti, Fiske, Lake, and Great Pond roads. 
  • Lastly, the DPW will pick-up Main Street, Arbor Street, Perkins, Porter and all side streets.  

If needed, a bagged leaf pick-up will be conducted in December.  In the event that we receive a significant snowfall, a bagged leaf pick-up will be conducted in the spring.  All leaves must be placed curbside in PAPER BAGS or open trash barrels by 7:00am.  No plastic bags are allowed. 

Please contact the Wenham DPW with any questions at 978-468-5520 Ext #6.

On Monday, October 29, 2018, the Wenham Water Department will begin flushing fire hydrants. Flushing will continue thru November 9, 2018 and will be conducted between the hours of 8am and 2pm.

Please be advised that you may experience a drop in water pressure as well as some discoloration of the water during this process. The discoloration of the water is only temporary and does not indicate a problem with the water. If your water does become discolored, turn on an outside faucet to clear the water line before doing any laundry or cleaning. The Water Department will continue to monitor the water quality during this period to ensure that the water remains safe to drink.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause, but flushing is an important part of our system maintenance. Please contact Erik Mansfield, Wenham Water Superintendent at (978)468-5520 ext.6 with any questions or concerns you may have.
On Saturday, December 15th at 12:00pm, the Town of Wenham will lay wreaths on our Veterans' graves simultaneously with participants at Arlington National Cemetery and communities across the nation.  You can help by sponsoring a wreath for $15 each, volunteering, or inviting friends to help.  

To learn more about Wreaths Across America including online donations for wreaths in Wenham, visit: through December 3rd.  

Donations payable by check to: Wreaths Across America TM  will be accepted during regular Town Hall Hours in the Treasurer/Collectors Office through November 26th. 

Contact Karen Tyler, Director of Veterans' Services at 978-356-3915, with any questions.  

As your Town Administrator, one of my primary goals has been to provide residents with regular updates about timely issues that impact our community.  Follow the link below to my current report and archives of previous reports.
Town Administrator's Reports:  2018
Town Administrator's Reports: Archives

In late September, Habitat for Humanity North Shore submitted a Chapter 40B Comprehensive Permit Application to the Department of Housing and Community Development (DHCD) for a 2 unit project at 40 Hull Street.  Earlier this summer, the Affordable Housing Trust and Board of Selectmen approved use of $230,000 in available funds from the Affordable Housing Trust in support of this “friendly 40B” project. 

DHCD has a 30-day formal review and public comment period prior to issuing a determination of project eligibility.  Please submit your comments to the Town Administrator’s Office by Monday October 22, 2018 so that they can be aggregated and sent to DHCD.  Once DHCD makes their determination, the project would then have to go through the standard review process by Wenham’s land use boards, who would then hold their own public hearings.

DHCD Permit Application - 40 Hull Street
DHCD 30 Day Letter - 40 Hull Street

Wenham residents, ages 50+, have been asked to complete our Wenham Connects Age-Friendly survey.  Results will be compiled and used in our initiative to make Wenham more age and dementia friendly.  

Click the link to access the survey for completion online via Survey Monkey.  Hard copies of the survey can be found at the Wenham Council on Aging, Hamilton-Wenham Regional Library, or at Wenham Town Hall.  Please contact Jen Flynn at or 978-468-5529 with any questions.

The Massachusetts Department of Public Health recently announced that West Nile Virus (WNV) has been detected in mosquitoes collected in Wenham at the Iron Rail Property. We have had 2 positive tests over the past 2 weeks. With over 500 positive WNV results to date statewide, all of Massachusetts is now considered a moderate risk level.

September 12, 2018, the Wenham Board of Health met with the Northeast Mosquito Control Board, a state agency that oversees testing and treatment of mosquitos for Essex County. They identified procedures for the Board to follow regarding prevention including increased public education on mosquito bite prevention. The Board of Health is continuing to monitor the situation and updates will be posted here. 

September 14, 2018, the Wenham Board of Health received results that the mosquitoes collected this week did not test positive for West Nile Virus. The Board of Health continues to encourage all residents to take preventative action against mosquito bites through the end of the season (until after the first hard frost) as the State of MA remains at Moderate risk level. We will will continue to provide updates through the end of mosquito season.

September 21, 2018, the Wenham Board of Health received results that of the mosquitoes collected this week one tested positive for West Nile Virus. The mosquito was collected at the 91 Grapevine Road trap. The trap on Arbor Street had no positive results for WNV and also had no mammal biting mosquitos (only those that bite non-mammals). The Board of Health continues to encourage all residents to take preventative action against mosquito bites through the end of the season (until after the first hard frost which is three consecutive days under 32F degrees) as the State of MA remains at the Moderate risk level. We will will continue to provide updates through the end of mosquito season. 

At this time, mosquito prevention information has been posted at Pingree Park Playground and parking lot; Iron Rail fields and tenant parking; WVIS Tennis Courts and playground; and the Buker fields and playground.

Please click the links below for additional information and recommended precautions.
Press Release from Wenham Board of Health - September 7, 2018
Mosquito Prevention Flyer
Mosquito Repellent Fact Sheet

The Board of Selectmen is requesting letters of interest for openings on various appointed boards and committees including: 

Conservation Commission
Educational Fund Committee
Elderly & Disabled Relief Committees
Hamilton-Wenham Community Access & Media
Scholarship Fund Committee

Please click the Volunteer Opportunities link to access committee descriptions.  Letters of interest may be directed to the Board of Selectmen at  Please contact the Town Administrator's Office at 978-468-5520 x 2 with any questions.  

In addition to the new veterans assistance fund, residents will also be given the option to donate to several other, previously established, funds on next month's tax bills. At Spring 2004 Town Meeting, residents approved local options M.G.L. Chapter 60 Section 3C and Section 3D. In doing so, they created a scholarship fund, an educational fund, and an elderly & disabled fund. For several years thereafter, residents were given the option on their tax bills to donate to these various funds, but that practice has been discontinued for a number of years.

Now that the Town is starting to once again give residents the opportunity to contribute to these various funds, the Board of Selectmen will appoint residents to each of these committees so that they can appropriately allocate funds that are collected through this process.

Please submit letters of interest by August 31, 2018 to the Town Administrator's Office at Wenham Town Hall, 138 Main Street or via email to

The Wenham Affordable Housing Trust and Board of Selectmen held their Affordable Housing Trust Action Plan Presentation on Tuesday, June 26th at 7pm in the Selectmen's Room at Wenham Town Hall.  Click the following link to download the Action Plan presented by Consultant Jennifer Goldson and adopted by the Affordable Housing Trust.  The recorded meeting is available at

This spring, Town Meeting voted to adopt MGL Ch. 60, Sec 3F. This local acceptance statute established a new veterans assistance account that will be funded by donations from residents on their tax bill.  Next month’s tax bill will include the option for residents to donate to this assistance program. 

The Board of Selectmen sought to offer this local program since very few Wenham residents able to take advantage of the state’s Chapter 115 program over the years due to very restrictive eligibility standards.

The Wenham Veterans Ccommittee, working with our District Veterans Service Officer, will oversee the distribution of these funds to wenham veterans who apply for assistance with food, transportation, and heating bills.

The town also offers several other local tax benefits to veterans that town meeting has adopted in the past few years.  

We have a new emergency notification system in Wenham called Essex Regional 911 Alerts (Swift911) offered through the Essex County Regional Emergency Communications Center.

Contact information for all residents who were previously registered with Blackboard Connect has been transferred through Essex Regional Alerts to the Swift911 Portal; however, we encourage all residents to create an account in Swift911 to confirm or update contact information and take advantage of enhanced features such as receipt of communications via text or email. 

Click the link for more information and registration with Essex Regional 911 Alerts, and contact the Town Administrator's Office at 978-468-5520 x2 or with questions. 

The Board of Selectmen is requesting photos of Town buildings, open spaces, recreational areas and any scenic Wenham views, past and present, to be included in various Town publications and on the Town website. Click HERE for more information.  

Check out our current Town of Wenham Photo Gallery by clicking the link.  

We have one hundred 64 gallon recycling carts available for Wenham residents to purchase at a price of $40.00 (limit 1 per household).  Please complete the order form, detach and submit along with a check payable to the Town of Wenham in the amount of $40.00.  Hand deliver or mail to the: Town Clerk’s Office, Wenham Town Hall, 138 Main Street, Wenham, MA 01984.  Questions may directed to the Town Clerk at 978-468-5520 x1 or

A free, convenient curbside textiles collection program is available to all Wenham residents through Simple Recycling.  Pick-up of the pink Simply Recycling collection bags occurs on a weekly basis on the same schedule as Wenham’s regular trash, recycling and organics collection day.  

Click HERE for more information on the program in Wenham including a full list of accepted items. Visit or contact them at 1-866-835-5068.

In September 2016, the Town submitted an application for grant funding through MassDEP’s Sustainable Water Management Initiative in conjunction with the Massachusetts Water Works Association and several other area communities, including Danvers, Middleton, Topsfield, Hamilton, and the Lynnfield Water District.  In January 2017, the project was awarded $103,940 in funding to collect and share data and explore potential regional solutions to address our collective water resource constraints.  The resulting *report* was recently completed.  Here is a *link* to the press release.  This project represents an important step forward, with several municipalities in the Ipswich River basin now embracing a coordinated approach to systematically assessing our current challenges and identifying some potential long-term solutions that don’t solely rely on enhanced conservation practices. 

Description and Application Form: Click Here

Work-Off Program offers Wenham seniors aged 60+ the opportunity to earn an abatement on their real estate property tax bill.  The hourly wage is $11.00 and the maximum annual abatement cannot exceed $1500.

The positions available through this program are in various departments throughout the Town.  Job placements will likely be made with the Town Clerk’s Office, Town Finance Office, Town Permitting Office, Council on Aging, and the Hamilton Wenham Regional Library.  Attempts will be made to match the placement with the applicant’s interests and qualifications.
The Veterans Property Tax Work-Off Program offers Wenham veterans the opportunity to earn an abatement on their real estate property tax bill.  The hourly wage is $11.00/hour and the maximum annual abatement cannot exceed $1,000.00.  For more information including a link to the program application, click *HERE*.
The Wenham Affordable Housing Trust has been working with Karen Sunnarborg Consulting on a current evaluation of housing needs in Wenham.  Karen presented findings to the Board of Selectmen at their meeting on April 4, 2017.  Select the links below to access her presentation. 

Wenham Housing Needs Assessment PowerPoint - April 2017
Wenham Housing Needs Assessment Report - February 2017
Have you used SeeClickFix, an application enabling citizen reporting of non-emergency concerns directly to Town staff, such as potholes and street or traffic light outages, while receiving status updates throughout the process until issues are resolved? 

Click HERE for more information about SeeClickFix and begin reporting quality-of-life issues in Wenham.

The Town has created a welcome packet  for new residents that will allow them to better understand and access various town services.  This document is meant as a resource to familiarize residents with what the town has to offer and was one of the Selectmen’s goals for this year to improve resident engagement.  Hard copies of the packet are available in Town Hall – this information is also posted on the About Wenham page.

The DPW Garage is now accepting unwanted clothing, shoes, fashion accessories, backpacks, blankets, linens, and stuffed animals for recycling. Complete list of accepted clothing and textiles.  Please place your bagged items in the receptacle provided at the DPW Garage.   
Cycle of Your Clothing Donation Flyer

DPW Garage
91 Grapevine Road
Monday - Friday: 7:00am - 3:00pm
1st Saturday of each Month: 8:00am - 12:00pm
Casella will always pickup your Trash, Recycling & Organics on the regular schedule (Calendar posted under the Department of Public Works page) unless there is a State of Emergency declared by Governor Baker or an unexpected emergency develops.  If either one of those occurs, expect your regularly scheduled pickup to be delayed one (1) day.  We will update the website if and when any new information becomes available. 

If you should have any questions please call the Wenham Department of Public Works @978-468-5520 X6 or the Town Administrator's Office @ 978-468-5520 X2.

Wenham residents are eligible to purchase a swim pass  good for 20 visits to the Bennett Center Pool at Gordon College through the Hamilton-Wenham Recreation Department located at 16 Union Street Hamilton.  The cost is $65.  The Recreation Departments hours of operation are Mondays 8am-7pm, Tuesdays - Thursdays 8am-4:30pm & Fridays 8am-1pm.  Please call the Rec Dept. at 978-468-2178 with any questions.