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Due to the unprecedented amount of snow we have received this year the Department of Public Works wanted to be clear on what the priorities are when it comes to snow removal:

    1. To widen the roads and clear the sight plains so people can see around snow banks when pulling out of streets.
    2.  Cleaning out Fire Hydrants - The Town has 230 Hydrants (Special Thank you to all the residents that have dug out the ones on their streets).
    3.  Sidewalks - Buker School and the downtown area have top priority.  There is 25 miles of sidewalk in town to maintain.
    4.  Mailbox damage - If your mailbox has been hit as a result of snow plowing by a town vehicle and you can see the post, the town will re-attach it.  If you cannot see the post or there is too much damage, the DPW will address it in the Spring once the snow has melted. 

Please be patient, the DPW is working hard to make all streets passable and safe.  Thank you.


The Wenham Fire & Police Departments would like to remind all residents to keep outside furnace, hot water and dryer vents clear of drifting snow to prevent flue gases from backing up into the home and creating  a carbon monoxide hazard. If you have any questions please call 978-468-4000 for assistance.

If you have a neighbor who is disabled or a senior, please give them a call and check on their well being or maybe help them with some clearing of snow.  If you believe they are in trouble and need help please call 911.